Officers, Warmasters, and others

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Officers, Warmasters, and others Empty Officers, Warmasters, and others

Post  Studio20 on Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:51 am

The new member rankings have been updated.

There's leader > officer > warmaster > member.

Leader can promote, demote, kick people, approve people, and start wars.

Officer can kick people, approve people, and start wars.

Warmasters can start wars.

Members can fight wars.

The warmaster was pushed through in part by some Top Ten factions where, in the middle of a rather large war (I think the score was in the 19,000's) and someone, who had obtained the password for one of the faction officers, logged in as that officer and kicked out several players thereby causing the faction to lose the war and those players to lose all their loyalty points. I think the devs reinstated those players, for this one time only, and gave them back their LP's, but the faction still lost the war.

Hence, the Battlemaster - they can only start wars.

ANYWAYS, accordingly I have redrafted the officer positions to make room for the new title. Not that some people care, but I figured seniority should go to those that have been officers the longest, whereas everyone that is new should become a warmaster.

Is everyone okay with this?

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